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Friday, September 26, 2008
  Friday Poll 9_26_08 Surprises
Have you had any interesting surprises lately?

Friday, September 19, 2008
  Friday Poll 9_19_08 Stress
What are you stressed out about?

Monday, September 15, 2008
  To Owen... (30 Months Old or 2 1/2 years)

This has been a wonderful month. You are going through such a great stage right now. I just adore your personality, your cute little smile, and everything about you.

Your vocabulary just grows by leaps and bounds every day. Your sentences are becoming more complex, your pronunciation is getting more decipherable, and your comprehension is getting so much better. You get so excited about things now. You start off a lot of sentences by saying, "look mama...", "look daddy...", or "wow mama..." or "wow daddy." And you'll say whatever you want us to understand over and over again, until we show that we understand you. The other day you kept saying, "yum, yum, yum, applesauce is good." You must have repeated that about fifty times.

We have a problem with our TV back in our bedroom. For some reason after we have it on a HD channel, if we pick something to watch from our DVR, it messes up the color. Specifically, the red doesn't show up. Since you usually watch Oswald back there after your bath, sometimes the blue octopus (Oswald) appears to be purple because of the color problem. Now, you ask specifically to watch "purple Oswald" and sometimes cry if he's blue. It is hard to explain to you that he's only purple on the TV in the bedroom. You also sometimes ask for "purple Joe" from Blue's Clues, although he really looks more green than purple.

You LOVE smoothies. You like them almost as much as you like popsicles (which is A LOT). Every once in awhile, we drive to Grayson to get you a kid sized smoothie. Sometimes, out of the blue, you say, "swoopie, swoopie" and run to the door. You get so excited when I say, "okay, let's go get smoothies."

You are very into your trains right now. You know a lot of their names and you can sing the song (fairly well) at the end of the Thomas episodes. You love to make choo-choo noises. We went to Stone Mountain a little while ago and rode the train around the mountain. At first you just sat there on the seat next to me while we waited for the train to start. After a little bit, you started saying, "all done, all done" and I told you that we hadn't even started yet. You crawled into my lap and held onto me. You sat very still throughout the whole ride. You got excited whenever we passed trains and told me what color they were - "greeeeeen train," "a reeeeeeeed train". Other than that you were pretty quiet about the whole experience. When we stopped, you said, "more train, more train, again."

We also went to the train museum in Duluth last week. You liked looking at the "big trains," but you did not like walking through them. You did like the model trains that were set up - especially the tunnels. You also really enjoyed playing with the train table in the gift shop (of course). We also went on a train ride. It was a really slow ride - the train basically goes one way, stops, the train switches track and goes the other way, stops, goes back the other way, switches track and goes back to where it started. You didn't say much except every time we stopped you said, "all done." The next morning right after you woke up, you went running to the door saying, "go see trains, ride train, see big trains." So, I guess you liked it!

You also love the basement. I put a lot of your toys down there in my office and in the spare room down there. You have a slide, and all kinds of other toys set up to play with. Plus, I sometimes put the wiggles on my computer, so you can sing along and dance while you are playing. You also sometimes make me play pool while you roll the pool balls around on the table or drive your tricycle in circles around the pool table.

You like to give "thumbs up" signs a lot. Except you hold up your index finger and nod your head. Sometimes you even say, "alright," or "yeah." It is very cute.

I just cannot express how much I love you and how glad I am to have you in my life (even though you've been calling me mommy lately).

Love, MAMA

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
  Train Museum 9_5_08


  Mike and Scott's visit 8_30_08


  Recent Photos 9_8_08 Some of these aren't so recent actually
These were from a while back. I thought it was funny that there were almost as many dogs as there were people at this party.

Notice the stack of pancakes.

Fun at Wal-Mart.

Don't most parents just take pictures when their child is trying to take a nap on the floor at Wal-Mart?

I know someday he'll probably kill me for this picture.

Watching Curious George...

You can figure this one out.

Nine Inch Nails


The playground.

Such an odd child...


Thursday, September 04, 2008
  Friday Poll 9_5_08 Trivia
What is one of the most useless or obscure pieces of trivia that you know?


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