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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  The Reflux
Well, after the visit to the urologist, it looks like we'll need to keep little Owen on antibiotics for a year to see if the reflux in his kidney goes away. There is about a 25% chance of it solving itself since it is a grade IV of V case. We may eventually have to do surgery, but maybe not.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  Recent Photos


Saturday, March 25, 2006
  A Post About Poop
Last night, after only about an hour of sleep, Owen woke me up acting fussy. He didn't really seem to want to eat, so I decided to change his diaper. It was actually not that messy. I reached for a wipe and as I brought it close to his bottom, poop started shooting out of his butt at a velocity that I didn't realize he was capable of. It got all over the cahnging table, the diaper holder, the floor and the door. Then, as I attempted to clean up, he started peeing. The pee went in the other direction, getting all over me in the process. Luckily, Austin heard Owen crying and helped me with the clean up. Owen was crying and screaming, but we had to fix the mess first. Austin said, to Owen, "you know, you did this to yourself." Oh, well. Poop happens.

Friday, March 24, 2006
  Kidney problems run in the family...
Well, we just had a second test done at Egleston (excuse me, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) and it turns out that Owen has reflux in his right kidney. Poor little guy. Surgery is a worst case scenerio. Hopefully, he can just take antibiotics and outgrow it on his own.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  My Remedy
I had been having back pain off and on for a while now... even before I had Owen. Last week it hurt so bad in my right side/back that I was crying out loud in pain. The OB/GYN told me to take an extra pain pill and come see them if it persists. Well, I stayed on the pain pills since they helped the pain, but Friday night, it got really bad again - in the same place on my back, but on the left side. This time the pain medicine didn't help as much, but by Saturday morning I was feeling a little better.

Unfortunately, it started getting progressively worse and by about 5:00, I was laying on the couch with Owen sobbing in pain. It hurt to sit up to nurse him, it hurt to change his diaper, to lift him, or to even move. I only had 2 pain pills left so I called my OB/GYN again to see if they could call in just a couple of pills to get me through the weekend alive. He said it was probably muscle spasms and that I should just continue to take Motrin and use a heating pad and if it got too bad, go to the emergency room. Not wanting to bring Owen to the ER, I decided to take a pain pill and see if I could get through the night. I figured that if I could stand it, I could go to the clinic in town that is open on weekends the next day. The pain went away, but by then I had already called my mom and asked her to come on out a night early to my house. She was coming to stay Sunday through Tuesday anyway while Austin went to a city council training thing in Tifton, GA. Anyway, I left my mom to tend to Owen while Austin packed for his trip and I headed out to the clinic. After realizing I had a temperature of 101 degrees, they did a urinalysis and they diagnosed me with a "pretty rough" kidney infection. This is something I'd never had before and something I never want to have again! They gave me a shot in my hip and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I started feeling better in about an hour. It was such a relief to feel better!!!

So, the past few days with my mom have been great. I was so glad to have her help and company. I miss her already! But, I'm very glad to have my husband home! Anyway, some of these pictures are from the weekend and some are from the past couple of days.


  One more thing about the birth story...
I also forgot to add that while I was laboring, I still had a lingering cough, which was amplified throughout the room because of the monitor on my stomach. It sounded really loud every time I had to cough and everyone thought that was just hilarious.

  So, bibs are good... in theory
But they aren't so great when your baby keeps pushing his bib up over his face trying to smother himself.

  From Austin's Camera


Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Owen's Birth Story - Part 2 - postpartum
After getting to the recovery room my mom and I thought that meant it was time to get a little bit of sleep. But, not a half hour later, two nurses came in to give Owen some kind of glucose test and a hepatitis vaccination. I soon learned that if Owen scored less than 41 on the test that they would supplement him with formula. And that test involved pricking his heel once every 3 hours three times and once every six hours three times after that. Now, for my little rant, I did not want to supplement Owen with formula. I don’t know what kind of kickback the hospitals get from formula companies, but at a sign of anything slightly wrong with a breastfed baby they suggest formula be given. Babies that are too big - give them some formula. If it is too small it must need formula. The LACTATION CONSULTANT even tried to get me to use formula because one day Owen had only had 2 wet diapers when he needed to have 3! And another nurse (who I thought I was going to have to kick in her stupid face) suggested to get him to breastfeed by dripping drops of formula onto my breast. I told her, “no I don’t want to give him formula!” I don’t know why she thought that might help. Owen knew he needed to suck, he was just having some trouble latching on. I knew Owen would breastfeed like a champ once he got the hang of it, but sometimes there is an adjustment period. We just had to figure it out. So anyway, the rest of our hospital stay consisted of people coming in at what seemed like every hour to do more tests on Owen, to check my blood pressure, to make sure we were feeding successfully, and to check on who knows what else. Some of the nurses were angels and some were awful, but all in all I was glad when it was time to go home.

The ride home was surreal. I had been in a different world for about three and a half days. When we got home, everything in our house was there, but it just didn’t seem like our house any more. I still hadn’t had much sleep since I woke up on the 6th at 7:00. The next couple of days were also a blur of holding my sweet baby, breastfeeding, diaper changes, etc. Poor Holly was having to adjust to not being the center of attention any more and things just seemed so different. And I was crying at everything. I cried because of Holly. I cried when my mom had to go home, I cried whenever I talked to my mom or my sister on the phone. My recovery pains and hormones seemed worsened by the lack of sleep, but every time I looked at that beautiful, tiny, face it kept me going. I am still getting through these “baby blues” but after a few long stretches of sleep, I feel like things are getting better. It is so hard not to be completely paranoid about Owen. I have a hard time laying him down for long periods of time because I’m afraid he’s going to quit breathing or suffocate himself somehow. Anyway, now that I am recovering from the physical and emotional trauma of childbirth, I think I am in a much better mindset and I am falling more and more in love with my little boy. It is a miracle that he is here.

Oh, and the other thing I forgot to mention about the actual birth that I think is of interest is my blood pressure. When I was pushing, my mom and mother-in-law were both flipping out (without saying anything out loud) because my blood pressure was so high. They though I was either going to have a heart attack or a stroke because it was so dangerously elevated. Very scary.

Friday, March 17, 2006
  Owen's Birth Story - Part 1 - the actual birth
Okay, I promised details, so here they go. I am going to be more candid and graphic than I usually am on my website, so if you don't want all of the details, you don't have to read all of this. And I am going to break it up into sections because I have a lot to say. Here goes...

Monday, March 6th, I woke up and went to the bathroom around 7:00 am. I was leaking what I thought could be amniotic fluid. Austin had court in Athens early that morning, but when I told him, he decided to cancel. I said, "you know, it probably isn't anything. They will probably just send us home," but he insisted on coming with me to the doctor. So I waited for the office to open at 8:30 and then I called them. They said to go on to the hospital and asked how long it would take for us to get there. I told them it probably wouldn't be until around 10:00 because we had some errands to run. The nurse said that I needed to get there as soon as possible. So, we called the moms and headed off to Snellville. We did go by the office, CVS and the bank on the way but we put off going to Best Buy to return the memory card that I had bought for my camera - we decided that could wait.

When we got to the hospital, the gates were closed and the volunteer that was supposed to be there wasn't so it took us awhile to get parked and start walking in. My mom had beaten us there, so we walked in together and got settled in the room. We answered about a million questions and I put on my lovely hospital gown. They checked my vitals and my doctor eventually got there to check me. My water had not broken and not much had changed since my last doctor's visit, so it looked like they were going to send me home. I was having contractions, but I didn't really notice them. By then it was around lunch time and I had just had a healthy mom ensure drink and an oatmeal bar for breakfast, so I was getting hungry. We decided to go get some lunch after we left. We had pretty much decided on Chick-fil-A when the nurse came back in. She said that my blood pressure was on the high side so they were going to go ahead and break my water and start the pitocin. I would be having a baby within the next 24 hours whether I was ready or not.

They broke my water around 2:00 and when the pitocin started, I really started feeling the contractions. They kept getting worse and I started feeling like an incredible wimp because I was ready for the epidural and still only about 3 cms dilated. So, they gave me the epidural, and along with the loss of all feeling below my waist, I lost every bit of inhibition that I had. It was like since I couldn't feel those parts, they weren't really there, so who cares who sees what, right? Anyway, they put an internal monitor in me to see how intense my contractions were. Eventually, Amanda, Corinne, Ashley, Mike and Scott, our dads and Becca all came to join us and our moms while we waited. Time really started flying by.

After awhile I started to feel some pressure and they came in and emptied my bladder. Things were progressing, but we still had a little while to go. Then, I started feeling the contractions again. My mom tested me by asking when I started feeling them. I was able to identify the begining of each one. I told the nurse I needed more drugs and the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me more medicine. I don't know that I ever felt them. The next thing I knew I was feeling even more pressure. The nurse checked me and said it was time.

Now, let me backtrack here. When my doctor broke the water, she again asked if I wanted to try labor or if I thought I wanted a C-section. She said that because of the baby's size it might not be too easy to get his shoulders out and they might have to take measures to get him out. Looking over at my husband's very wide shoulders and chest, I started to feel anxious, but decided to go ahead anyway and try to deliver without C-section. Later, around the time of the epidural, a nurse warned me that if the baby's shoulders were too wide to fit through my pelvis, then one of the nurses would jump up on top of me with her butt in my face and start pushing the baby out to get him through. That sounded very scary, but I said okay. So, the last nurse, when it was time to push, told me the same thing and added, "and if worse comes to worst, we'll have to break the baby's shoulder. After all a baby with a broken shoulder is better than no baby at all." I tried to just forget I ever heard that, but Becca told me later that when the nurse said that, it made her neck snap around so much that she pulled a muscle.

So, with Austin, Austin's mom, my mom and my sister, I began to push. Our moms both started getting very frustrated that I was having to push without the doctor being anywhere in sight. I just followed the nurse's instructions and pushed as hard as I could. And, I sure felt like I could feel everything. Becca got a little light-headed watching my face. She could see how much pain I was in and it really started hurting her. I sort of remember her and everyone else saying how it was almost harder to watch someone go through that than to actually go through it themselves. At the time, I was begging to differ. I snapped at my mom some, snapped at Austin's mom some, but I think I was pretty civil considering the whole ordeal. And Austin was like my knight in shining armor. He didn't try to annoy me (that was one of my biggest fears), but was there every minute to support and comfort me. The moms and Becca were also so nice to be there.

As I was pushing I could really tell when it was a productive push because I could hear it in Austin and Rebecca's voices above all others. I would have to push three times for each contraction. The first time was always sort of like a warm-up. The second one would be more productive and the third time I would push with every bit of effort and energy that I had in my whole body. The doctor finally made it to the delivery and they did and episiotomy. Once that giant head came out, the rest of Owen's body slid right out with very little effort. I was so relieved. Although I was amazed and in love with my little boy, all I could really concentrate on was how much pain I was in. My doctor spent what seemed like an absurd amount of time stitching me up. She kept telling me to be still, but you try having needles poked into your most sensitive parts and try to be still! So, she ended up having to use a local anesthetic since I could feel everything she was doing. When that was finally over they asked if I wanted the tape from the epidural off now or later. I told them to go ahead and didn't even flinch. After childbirth, having a little tape ripped off your back is no biggie.

The next thing I remember is everyone coming in to see Owen. It was good to see everyone and good to see Owen. Then I threw up. My dad went and got me food from the Waffle House since it was one of the only places still open. I ate it so fast. I was sooooooo hungry! We tried breastfeeding and it wasn't until 4:30 am until we were moved into the recovery room. I sent Austin home to get some sleep and my mom stayed with me.

to be continued...

  Owen Pictures


  Happy Birthday, Wyatt!
We went to Becca and Jake's on Wednesday to celebrate Wyatt's birthday. Owen got to meet his cousins and he and I both got in a few hours of good sleep. Anyway, Wyatt enjoyed his cake! By the way, Ethan walked by, looked up at his brother and in a very exasperated voice said, "oh, gross."


Thursday, March 16, 2006
  My Famous Husband...
Austin's picture and bio are up on this page now.

  Here they are!
I finally had a chance to post some pictures of Owen. I will post details about the birth soon, but for now, here are some basics: He was born on March 7, 2006. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 7 ounces. He is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and although I'm really tired and emotional, I would do it all over again for him. He is the best thing I've ever done in my life. So, here are the first of many photos of Owen Walker Jones...


  Happy Belated Birthday, Shanna!
Sorry I missed it.

Friday, March 03, 2006
  I think the nursery might be FINISHED!!!


Thursday, March 02, 2006
  It's almost 3:00
I guess that means I should probably stop laying around on the couch with my doggie on my belly and go take a shower. And, tonight I am going to try to finish up my thank you notes - I'm sooooo behind on them!

  To my baby...
I think it is time for you to get out. And quit trying to break your way through my belly button. You need to find your way out soon before you get too big. Please! I am very excited about meeting you and I am tired of feeling like I'm about to explode.

Thanks, Mama

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
  Pregnancy Journal - Week 39 (Month 9)
Okay, here's just a really quick update. I had an ultrasound today. The baby weighs about 9 pounds 5 ounces. If I wanted a C-section, they would do that, but they think I'm capable of delivering a big baby so they are going to wait and see if I go into labor naturally. The doctor said, hopefully I won't make it to my appointment next week. I am still only 2 cms dilated, but the baby has moved down to a -2 station (I can't remember what that means exactly) and I am now 50% effaced. So, things are moving along - just kind of slowly. Alright, I'm off to run some errands. Later taters!


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