fried okra
Tuesday, November 30, 2004
  New Floors!!!
My mom and dad are getting new floors and this is what their kitchen looks like so far (my dad took the photos)...


Monday, November 29, 2004
  Reasons my mom broke up with a guy she dated from Ringold, Georgia

1. He used to always say, "I'd stretch a mile if I didn't have to walk back."
2. He pronounced the word, "twice" with a "t" on the end so it sounded like "twict."
3. His dad owned a funeral home and he had a friend hide in a coffin and when they walked though he jumped out of the coffin and scared her half to death.
4. He took her on a plane ride and they were driving along and he said "oh, no the engine's gone out" and they started diving really fast towards the ground. Then, at the last second the engine started again and they started doing flips and spirals and the guy laughed saying, "Isn't this fun? This is a trick plane."


Saturday, November 27, 2004
  Happy Thanksgiving, 2004!
Okay, so I didn't take enough family pictures and I took way too many pictures of Ethan, so if you want to see more family pictures, you'll have to take a look at my dad's Thanksgiving Photos.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004
  Season's Greetings!
I finished our Christmas card yesterday. Austin helped me with the photo and I did the design work. They are so cute! Anyway, if you want a holiday card and think that there might be a chance I don't have your current address, please email me so I can get you a card. I'll post the artwork on the internet closer to Christmas, but I want them to be a surprise for people to open them up and behold the cuteness!

  I can hear! (and see)
Well my ear is clear now. I went to the doctor this morning. She said that when I used the over-the-counter drops it reacted with the wax in my ear causing it to expand. Which is why I couldn't hear out of it. They put some drops in it and let it sit for awhile. Then the nurse cleaned it out by sticking this giant syringe with a tube attached way down into my ear canal. She squirted warm water into my ear and then sucked out the wax. It was really gross and really weird, but I could hear again. She said that it wasn't very much wax to cause me not to be able to hear, but she also said my ear canal was curved at kind of an odd angle, so maybe it was just really narrow in one place where the wax was.

Anyway, right after she finished I started feeling like I was going to either pass out or throw up or both. So I had to put my head between my legs and a cold rag on my neck and face. I am such a wimp!

And, I ended up being glad I went to the eye doctor today too because my prescription is stronger now and I feel like I can see a lot better with my new contacts.

Now that my senses have all been worked on and restored, bring on Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
  People can't drive in the rain and I can't hear out of my left ear
What a day?! It was generally a good day with a few minor glitches. Actually, let's start with last night. I was planning on working all night and getting a lot done. But then the power went out... for 2 1/2 hours. I do have a battery on my laptop, but I didn't know how long the power was going to be out and didn't want to completely drain my battery. Besides, I had no internet access because the power was out. So, I cleaned by candlelight until the power came back on.

My left ear has been itching and hurting like crazy, so last night, when we were buying stuff to make pineapple casserole and fruit salad to take to Pat's house for Thanksgiving, we picked up some kind of ear drops. When we actually went to bed my ear was bothering me again, so I tried out the ear drops. They did make my ear stop itching, but it now feels like I have an earplug in my left ear. And it has felt like that all day - VERY annoying!!!

Today I was out and about running errands for a large portion of the day, so I had to drive through the gloomy, rainy weather. And my advice to some of the other cars that I encountered in my travels:
1. Turn your dang headlights on when it is rainy, dark and/or foggy. It might not help you see better, but it does help those of us who can't see you because your stupid car looks invisible without any lights on.
2. Just because it's raining, it doesn't mean you should be driving 25 miles per hour in a 50 mph speed limit area. It is good to be cautious - but not that cautious!
3. Don't tailgate in the rain.
4. And, just because you are a big old truck, it does not give you the right to turn left slowly after the light has turned red, thus blocking two entire lanes of traffic.

Last of all, what a scam it is to have contact prescriptions expire so often. I need a new pair of contacts, so I called today to get them, only to find out my prescription expired YESTERDAY! So now I have to have an eye exam before I can get new contacts. This time I'm going to find out the prescription expiration date and write it really big on my calendar and set an alarm on my computer to go off a week before it expires and I'm going to buy like 8 boxes of contacts the day before it expires. Ha! Take that contact seller people!

Monday, November 22, 2004
  "Ahhh, to be 80 again" - My Grandfather, John Campbell
My grandmother turns 80 tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday with the immediate family on Saturday at my uncle Don and aunt Alice's house.


Sunday, November 21, 2004
  I felt so sorry for these poor fish
They are in a fish pond right outside what used to be a Chinese restaurant at Gwinnett Place Mall. The restaurant is closed down now, but the fish are still there. And there was a lot of trash in their pond. It made me very sad. I hope someone is taking care of them. I think I'm going to call them and find out.


Thursday, November 18, 2004
  How can it be November 18th already?
Thanksgiving is a week from today!!!

This picture of Corinne is from shopping this past Sunday. Isn't Corinne cute?


Holly is so weird. Sometimes, when she can't sit still and just feels like chewing on her very loud squeaky toys, we will give her an edible nylabone or dentabone or something to chew on. It will at least keep her busy for a little while. She will sit there eating it quietly until it gets down to a little nub. At this point, it is play time again. She will take the nub and throw it around, roll on it, and do anything but eat it. A lot of times, she will eventually eat it, but most of the time it will just end up under the couch.

Last night, she threw her nub under the couch and had about half of her body under the couch trying to get it out (she did this about ten times actually). Most of the time we try to ignore her when she does this, but a few times last night it was just driving me crazy so I would crawl on the floor and try to find the nub for her. In doing this, I not only found the nub from the bone last night, but I found two old ones from I don't know when. One day I found one in my computer bag when I was at work. It is a kind of funny but annoying habit.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
  It's a boy!!! And his name is Andre!
(I don't know how to put an accent on that e) At least, that's what Ethan wants to name him. I don't know if Rebecca and Jake will go for that though. So, anyway, I'll have another little nephew to gush over in just about 6 months now. Cute!

By the way, they haven't decided on a name yet, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

  My cousin's profile on

Gender: Male
Location: Atlanta, GA
Interests: Eating taters, ham cooking contests, stomping on beef
Favorite Restaurants: Garbage cans behind The Varsity
Local Hangouts: The Dump
I'm Secretly a Fan of: Fish Delight
More About Me: Films: Three Men and a Little Lady, CDs: Three Men and a Little Lady Soundtrack, Books: Tom Selleck: Magnums and Moustaches

  Donut Holes - great for sandwiches!
This was my favorite "Headline" from Jay Leno last night.

Monday, November 15, 2004
pro·cras·ti·nate     P   Pronunciation Key  (pr-krst-nt, pr-) v. pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates v. intr. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

v. tr. To postpone or delay needlessly.

procrastination \Pro*cras`ti*na"tion\, n. [L. procrastinatio: cf. F. procrastination.] The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness.

procrastination n 1: the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time [syn: cunctation, shillyshally] 2: slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it [syn: dilatoriness]

Saturday, November 13, 2004
  I love my nephew
I just have to tell you how precious Ethan was last night. We went shopping at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. At BBB Ethan was playing football with me. He would squat down and then stand up and run full force into my legs and wrap his arms around my legs and fall down. He would also occasionally "throw the football" and then "tackle" me again. It was so cute. Then, at dinner, he was so tired that he kept laying on me. I told Becca that I must be soft.

  A very immature letter to a website that will remain nameless but made me very angry
I just wanted you to know how much your website sucks. I was trying to order these pajamas for my mom to give my grandfather for his birthday (I put the weblink to the pajamas here), but when I went to the link, there was nothing that said "add to cart." After registering (because I thought that might be the problem) and still finding no way to order the pajamas that were on the website, I looked at the long sleeved pajamas. There was an "add to cart" button on that page so I guess the short sleeved pajamas are not available. But it would have saved at least a half an hour of my Saturday if your stupid website had just said "product not available right now" or something similar. It is the most user UN-friendly website I've ever seen and it is absolutely infuriating to try to buy something on it. By the way, when I went to register in my "experiment" I accidentally forgot to uncheck the "I want to receive emails from this site" button before I went to the next page. Please take me off of your junk email list. I don't ever want to look at your crappy website ever again.

Friday, November 12, 2004
  At Home with Flowers
You know you have too many channels on your TV when you have a channel called "FAMNET" and when you find yourself down in the dumps, just go check out this cool lady's website. Austin really likes her hair.

Tori has a new CD! Unfortunately it won't be out until February 22nd.

This is a new hidden camera show on VH-1 and it is one of the funniest shows I've seen in awhile. I love to sing when I'm alone in my car and I would hate for people to see it! These people are so funny!

  Kind of a rough night...
Luckily, I think Austin and Holly are both feeling better. I'm just trying to recover from a few stressful days. Thank goodness the weekend is just about here. Although I'm also stressed about the game tomorrow. But, I am very excited about Christmas shopping on Sunday.

And, on a completely random note, I love that Geico commercial with the fake reality show called "tiny house."

Thursday, November 11, 2004
  The Cold November Rain
What a horribly icky and wretched day. I realize it might not be cold to some people, but low 40's and raining is getting a little cold for me to be outside too much. And of course I have a sick husband and a sick dog right now too. Austin has some kind of sinus/headcold thing, but Holly has got some sort of intestinal bug or something that makes her need to go outside more often than usual (which is especially fun in the rain). She woke me up at 4 this morning scratching on her door - poor baby. But I do think she's getting better. And Austin is on his way home from work right now. I, at least for right now, am healthy (knock on wood).

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
  Holly's Makeover


After (look at that tongue!)


  Bank Robber
I can't believe I forgot to post this story. I guess it was a couple of weeks ago now... I was at the bank. My mom used to be a bank teller, so she has always told me to go to the window closest to the tellers at the drive through, because the tellers tend to go faster since you are right there in front of them. Anyway, I was in a hurry, but for some reason I just decided to go to the second line of cars with the tube that shoots into the building.

So, in front of me there was this huge car with an older lady in it and she was just taking FOREVER!!! Finally, she drove away and I pulled up to make my deposit. I went to reach for the little tube thing and realized it wasn't there. I said, "umm... where's the... thing?" The teller said, "oh, no. She must have driven off with that. We don't even have a spare because someone did the same thing last week!" Anyway, the poor teller had to run out to my car to take my deposit, run back inside and then come back outside with my receipt. I have never even thought of that being a problem, but apparantly it is a pretty common occurance.

Monday, November 08, 2004
  Callaway Gardens 2


  Callaway Gardens 1


  Finding Nemo on Ice
Ethan loved it! After it was over he said "I love Nemo!" During intermission he was asking, "fish go?" And he got really upset when I took that picture of him, Becca and my mom. He was too worried about what happened to the fish. And I don't know what my mom was doing in that picture!


  Your own, personal... watermelon?
I can't explain why I find this so funny to me, but darnit, it just is...


  I guess Holly voted too!!


Wednesday, November 03, 2004
  Poor Nemo...
Tomorrow I am going to go see Finding Nemo on Ice with my mom, sister and Ethan. I would think the last place any fish would want to be found is "on ice" (I got that joke from Becca, by the way). Anyway, it should be fun. I remember loving Sesame Street Live when I was little.

On Friday we get to go to Callaway Gardens. It is some kind of law thing, so Austin will have some meetings and stuff, but it will be very nice to get away nonetheless. But we will have to board Holly which is so sad. I am really not looking forward to that part.

My mom managed to locate Stephanie and Nicole, twins who Rebecca was friends with way back. I have linked their blogs here. Stephanie's is called Just a Thought and Nicole has two – Tapioca Dance and a photoblog called Fresh as Paint. Here's a picture of Nicole at UN of Missouri and Stephanie at Kansas State.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004
  Remember to Vote!



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