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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  Any advice?
We are in the market for a new washer/dryer combo. Does anyone have any advice? We do a lot of laundry!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  This is the 1,000th post on Fried Okra!!!

  Things that helped us during Owen's first year...
I know this isn't interesting to a lot of my readers, but it is as much for me to remember as it is for you to read. These are some of the things that helped us out tremendously during the first year of Owen's life. Some of them might work for other babies and some of them might not, but I thought I'd share, just in case some of this stuff might be useful to others:


Sling - A Maya Wrap Sling is the best purchase I made before Owen was born (and if you go to that link, you'll see my sling color on the home page). It helps to have someone who can show you how to work your sling. I didn't learn how to use the sling until Owen was about 3 months old or so... maybe even 4 months. But, once I got the hang of it, it became invaluable! Owen would cry after being in the stroller for just a short period of time and my arms ache if I carried him for too long. The sling was awesome anytime we were in public (especially if we were in a quiet place). Owen was happy whenever he was in it. It was also great for getting him to fall asleep. I still use it.

Booster Seat - We didn't use this booster seat attached to a chair, but it came in handy when we were traveling and at other people's houses. I would just sit on the floor and feed him, but he was strapped in and safe in his little seat. It also came with an extra removable tray for easy cleaning.

Britax Car Seat - I know our UGA carseat is very pricey, but it has been worth every penny. It seems like it would be super comfortable. Owen really likes to ride in it in the car. It even comes with velcro on the sides to hold the straps back when you are putting your baby in the seat. And there is a circular pad under the seat belt part, so it doesn't rub against your baby's legs.

Mirror for car(s) - A mirror to see your baby when he or she is in a rear-facing carseat is a must have, but I'm not going to recommend the one we have, because it has lights and music that only operate using a remote control which only works occasionally.

Stroller/Carseat/Combo thing - I've heard that many people will just go right into a bigger carseat and skip the infant carrier, but I found the infant carrier travel system very useful.


Swing - we liked our Fisher Price Aquarium swing since it had lights, a mobile, music and it could swing side to side or front to back. It came in very handy!

Happiest Baby on the Block DVD - great tips on this DVD. We used many of them to get Owen to sleep when he was a newborn. I don't know what we would've done without some of this advice.

See music for lullaby CDs we like.


What to Expect the First Year - As with all books, you don't have to follow every bit of information in them, but it helps to be able to read a lot of different information and use what you want. I should've been reading this book all along. There is a lot of great information in it, but I didn't buy this until Owen was about 6 months old.

The Baby Book (Dr. Sears) - Also a lot of very useful information in this book. Same thing as far as taking what helps you and leaving the rest.


American Lullaby - this CD is so soothing and I really enjoy listening to it.

Rock a bye Baby CDs - I enjoy listening to these CDs by Baby Rock Records mostly in the car. My favorites are Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay - I have a lot of these CDs, but these three are the best lullabies as far as I'm concerned.

Dan Zane - He's a little weird, but his CDs are actually somewhat listenable and Owen seems to enjoy them. Rocket Ship Beach, Nighttime music, and Catch The Train are the ones we have - I like these in this order. These are also really good for the car.


High Chair - I love our Fisher Price Aquarium High Chair. It comes with a removable dishwasher-safe tray, two attached toys on the tray and a musical toy that you can snap onto the tray.

Playpen - This Pack n Play has helped a lot. I don't think that Owen would've liked most of the pack n plays that I've seen, but the one we have is bigger than most and he loves the little bugs and things on the sides. It buys me a little bit of time during the day when I have to get things done around the house. And, although he won't stay in it for long, a little bit of time helps a lot as a new mom.

Pacifiers - It took Owen three months to get the hang of a pacifier. And there was only one brand that he was interested in trying to use. Once he started using the pacifier, it made going out in public much easier. The combination of the pacifier and the sling were especially useful since Owen seemed to want to nurse all the time for so many months.

Bouncy Seat - Our Baby Einstein bouncer seat was the only way I could take a shower for many months. Owen liked the toys on the seat and the high weight limit on the chair made it useful for more months than most seats. He used it until he was about 8 1/2 months old. Now he doesn't like being strapped in. But, he likes to climb in and on it in the living room.


Leapfrog Learning Playground - This is a very cool toy.

Activity Center - This was great when I could put him in the seat and let him zoom around the table in the center, but now that he's outgrown the seat, he loves to still pull up on the table and play with the stuff on it.

Taggie Stuff - Sometimes babies like the tags on things better than they like the actual "things." The taggie company has monopolized on this by putting tags on all kinds of toys, soft books, blankets, etc. Owen loves this stuff. THESE TOYS WOULD MAKE AWESOME BABY SHOWER GIFTS!


Ear Thermometer - I know a lot of doctors recommend that you use a rectal thermometer for an extremely accurate reading, but I can't bear the thought of using one. Our digital ear thermometer is great and only takes seconds to use.

Cloth Diapers - Yes, it is a pain to do laundry every day (or at least every other day), but I love our cloth diapers. Not only are they really cute (I love all of the different colors they come in), but they smell so much better than disposable diapers. I still occasionally use the disposables, but I hate the way they smell. I can smell Owen across the room if his disposable diaper is dirty, but I can hardly smell anything through the cloth diapers.

Wipes - The Lansinoh wipes for breastfed babies are my favorite. They don't have a strong odor, and they feel so soft.

Breastmilk storage bags - These bags from Lansinoh were so helpful. I could pump, pour into the bag, date, seal and throw in the freezer. The mild lasts about 3 months in the freezer.


One piece outfits before he was mobile - When Owen was a little baby, I used one piece outfits almost exclusively. For some reason, it is just much easier to grab a one piece outfit out of the closet, put it on him and go.

Two pieces worked better after he was crawling - When Owen started crawling, he decided that he no longer wanted to sit still for diaper and clothes changes. So, now it seems easier to put on a shirt and pants separately as he is crawling away from me, than an outfit that has to be snapped all the way up the crotch. Also, I think it is easier for him to crawl and move around in two pieces than one. It is hard to explain, but the two pieces just work better now.

Bibs - I didn't think I'd use bibs very much, but they are great for a baby with reflux. We used them all the time when he was little and when he spit up all the time.

Pedipeds - These are great shoes. We liked them especially well before Owen was crawling, because they were so easy to put on. And they stayed on very well.

Robeez - Also great shoes. Once Owen started crawling and cruising around, Robeez became the best choice. They stay on well and he can get around almost as well as he can barefoot in these. Plus, they come in so many cute colors and designs.

Saturday, February 24, 2007
  Recent Photos 2_11_07


Friday, February 23, 2007
  Friday Poll 2_23_07 Guest Question: Mom
If you could rid the world of one bug/pest/creature, what would it be?

  This picture is so weird...


Wednesday, February 21, 2007
This is a little bit gross, so be forewarned.

Back when Austin and I were discussing getting a dog, one of my arguments against it was, "I don't ever want to have to pull a bone out of a dog's butt." Now, that might seem like a random, weird fear to everyone, but I remember when my mom had to pull a steak bone out of my dog, Dooley's butt. It was horrible. Ever since then, it has been something that I hoped I'd never have to do.

So, Monday night I let Owen chew on a couple of chicken bones (because that's what we do in the South - let the kids gnaw on some bones). Anyway, I walked into the laundry room to throw some clothes in the dryer and one of the bones was gone. I heard Austin say, "what have you got in your mouth? Drop it, drop it." He pulled about half of a chicken bone out of Holly's mouth. So, she had already eaten the other half. I couldn't sleep that night because I kept thinking, I'm going to have to pull a bone out of Holly's butt.

The next day I called the vet and asked what they thought I should do. They told me that I needed to get an x-ray done to make sure that the bone didn't splinter and puncture anything. They said that it would definatly show up, since x-rays are meant to look at bones anyway. So, luckily, we did the x-ray and the bone was nowhere to be seen. So, it must've already passed through. Thank goodness. So, 1/2 a chicken bone, about an hour at the vet's office and $120 later, we're back where we started. Everything is fine.

So, my lesson has been learned. If there is ANYTHING that Owen is eating that I don't want Holly to consume, I must put Holly in the bathroom; because, she will get it - someway, somehow. Man, I love having a dog.

I'm just glad I didn't have to pull anything out of her butt.

Friday, February 16, 2007
  Friday Poll 2_16_07 Guest Question: Ashley
Who's on you current top 5 list (you know the famous people you are allowed to [kiss]* should the opportunity present itself)?

*edited because I'm a prude.

Thursday, February 15, 2007
  I love fruit!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  Happy Valentine's Day!
Although I still think that Valentine's Day is kind of a BS holiday created to make the pretty and popular girls feel good about themselves, I have to admit that since Austin and I have been together, I've had some pretty terrific Valentine's days. This past weekend was our Valentine's celebration. He took me to see the Great Gatsby ballet at the Fox theatre and then to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was so much fun. And that meal was the best food I've ever had. He's so romantic! Thanks, sweetie!

Monday, February 12, 2007
  The Departed
I just wanted to say that we saw The Departed yesterday and it was great. I haven't seen a movie I liked that much in a long time. I thought everything about it was good - the story, the acting, the art direction, the music. And it was a huge adrenaline rush just to watch it. Hours after it was over I still felt like my heart was beating faster. Anyway, did anyone else like it as much as I did?

Sunday, February 11, 2007
  Physical Therapy
I think physical therapy is helping my back. Actually, I think when they adjusted my rotated back, it relieved most of my back pain. But, I really want to stop going. I know I'm a brat, but I am irritated that my physical therapist keeps calling me Beth. Don't get me wrong, Beth is a great name (hey Beth!), but I have never in my life gone by the name Beth. Liz and Elizabeth are fine. And Marilyn still calls me Lizzie (which is fine coming from her), but nobody calls me Beth.

When the physical therapist calls me that it sometimes takes me a little while to respond because I don't realize she's talking to me. The other day I even told her that. She said, "how are you, Beth?" And I said, "oh, me? I'm fine. I usually go by Elizabeth or Liz, so I didn't recognize my name when you called me Beth." Her response was, "that's true," with a laugh. What the heck? And she kept calling me Beth! She obviously just doesn't listen to a word I say, which makes me not want to talk to her. But, it would probably be rude if I said, "please don't talk to me." Oh well. I guess I'll go a few more times for my back's sake.

  Happy Birthdays!
I've been very bad about wishing people happy birthdays, so I'm going ahead and grouping the birthdays that I've missed and the ones coming up immediately in this post. First of all, happy belated to Mike and Corinne. Next, happy upcoming February birthdays to Gillam, Ashley, Mom and Lacey. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anybody, and I'll try to get all of you March birthday people next month!

Friday, February 09, 2007
  Friday Poll 2_9_07: Guest Question: Dawn
I thought this one would work well for Valentine's Day coming up. I'm sorry it is late today.

What is your favorite candy ever?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  To Owen... (11 months old)

Well, it has been 11 months. And you aren't slowing down one bit.

No one ever told me how terrifying it was to teach a baby how to eat solid foods. You have 4 teeth now, so chewing seems to be getting easier for you. You haven't been choking quite as often and you are eating bigger pieces more easily now. I think you really like being able to eat more of a variety of foods.

You are an expert crawler now. And you cruise all over the place too. The world has become much more interesting lately. You want to get into everything. Lately, I feel like I spend most of the day just trying to keep you from hurting yourself. If you see something you want, you will do anything you can to get to whatever it is; and if that means crawling over something, diving off of something, or reaching through something, you will do it to reach it. You have been particularly interested in the hearth, the VCR, coasters, soda cans, water bottles, pens, candles, or any kind of bookcase, DVD holder, etc. I'm really glad that we didn't have a Christmas tree this month!

You are getting to be such a big boy. You look less and less like a baby and more like a little boy every day. You seem to be stretching out a lot. You are getting very tall and all of the rolls seem to be smoothing out. You are still dense and sturdy, but you seem leaner than you used to be.

You love bubbles, balloons, balls, and many more of your toys. One of your favorite things is your bedtime Winnie the Pooh that your Daddy bought you when you were just a little baby. His face lights up and music plays and you just smile in wonder. It is really cute.

It breaks my heart when you cry.

You still like to get out and about and do things. You seem to enjoy restaurants except maybe the Japanese steakhouse. You did not like it when the cook started a fire right in front of us. You cried and clung to me until he left. I guess I sort of understand how that might seem weird to you. If I didn't know what was happening, it would freak me out too for someone to just light the table on fire.

You are liking your baths much more lately. You splash and play, but most importantly you get really relaxed and tired. And I love the way you smell when you are fresh and clean.

You still really hate to have your diaper changed and your clothes taken off or put on. You are very wiggly, so it does make it difficult. Sometimes you are cooperative, but most of the time it is sort of like a wrestling match. The most challenging thing to do is to cut your fingernails. Now that is nearly impossible!

You and Holly are great friends. The two of you get into all kinds of trouble together.

Your Daddy loves you so much. The two of you have so much fun together, laughing and playing. You like to help him play his bass, although I think you are more of a drummer.

The other night, after he watched you for a little while I asked if y'all had fun together. He said, "yes. We read two books. He thinks 'Wocket in my Pocket' is hilarious." I thought that was so cute.

A couple of days ago you bit me a few times when you were nursing. I had to say "no" very forcefully and stop you from nursing. When I did that you started crying and saying "na na na na..." so I think that is your word for nurse. And you haven't bitten me once in about 3 days, so maybe that was just a little phase.

You are so cuddly and sweet. I love how you pat me and hug me when I pick you up and the way you say "mama" to me. You are my little sweetheart and I love you very much.

Love, Mama

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
  It did snow in Georgia last week.
But not much.


  Aquarium visit photos


Friday, February 02, 2007
  Friday Poll 2_2_07 Guest Question: Matt P.
I decided that in the month of February I would ask questions submitted to me by readers. I will mainly be drawing from the Friday poll question I asked months ago that asked what Friday Poll question you would ask.

How many songs did you know the Weird Al version before you knew what song it was a parody of?


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