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Sunday, October 31, 2004
  Halloween 2004
Well, we made it through another Halloween in our neighborhood. It actually seemed a little calmer than last year. Ethan was Captain Hook. He didn't really like trick or treating too much. He was a little shy and a little scared. Of course I took a lot of Ethan pictures. I'm not so great at night photograpy, but I tried my best to get pictures of the "scary yellow house" as Ethan called it. I have never seen Halloween decorations like this (except for maybe their decorations from last year). Oh, and be sure to notice the picture of Austin's dad with his really funny wig. He looked hilarious!


  Andrea and Joe's Halloween Party


  It's great to be... a Gator Hater!
FINALLY, Georgia beats Florida! It is the first time we've won since 1997. And it is the first time Florida, Miami, and Florida State have all lost in one weekend since 1978. This all makes me very happy.

Friday, October 29, 2004
  Gummy Dog
This was my new song I came up with when Holly kept biting my hand when I tried to play fetch with her. I told her we would take out all her teeth and call her Gummy Dog. I'm glad dogs can't understand what you say to them!

  Are you guys happy now?
I'm sorry it took me so long to post. But here are two posts (well, three including this one) with lots of pictures to look at. I'm sure I'll have more pictures to post from this weekend too. So keep reading, please... And don't stage a revolt!

  Total Eclipse of the Moon
I apologize for that title. How corny is that? Anyway, my dad took these awesome pictures of the lunar eclipse the night before last (October 27th). It happened on my parent's 31st anniversary. I absolutely love this picture of my mom. She looks like a little kid waiting for Santa or something. And it just makes me feel like you can tell how much my dad loves her.


  Autumn in Loganville
While we were waiting for Austin's parents Sunday night at their house, Austin and I took some pictures around their house and yard. When the sun sets in the fall, it creates the prettiest light. And it always looks so gorgeous on the leaves that have changed color.


Monday, October 25, 2004
  Another Jones Lawyer!!!
Mike, Austin's brother, passed the bar exam! Congrats, Mike!

Thursday, October 21, 2004
  How sad is this?

If you might remember, the giraffe looked like this when Holly first started pulling its stuffing out (around the beginning of October). Poor, giraffe. It has no stuffing at all anymore.


  Getting flowers for no reason at all
is the best reason to get flowers. Thank you Austin!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  Ooooooh scary!!!
Here are some pictures of my fall/halloween decorations. But first, a picture of Holly. Holly has an irrational and inexplicable fear of our vacuum cleaner. The first time we had to vacuum anything with her around she went crazy barking and then she pooped on the floor. The second time, the same thing happened. We don't even have to turn the vacuum on to scare her though. I was just rolling it out of the closet last night and she starting barking and jumping backwards. So, of course, as the horrible doggie parents we are, we had to exploit the fear by chasing her around with the vacuum cleaner. Well, I didn't, but Austin did. I just took pictures. This picture shows her after she jumped on the couch to get away from the vacuum cleaner. Last night she wouldn't even walk by it. She walked all the way around the loveseat to go outside rather than walk by it. This morning she was a little braver. She walked up to the vacuum cleaner tentatively and sniffed it. While she was sniffing it, I locked the door. The click of the door lock made her jump way back. What a wimp!


Sunday, October 17, 2004
  I hate my stupid, stupid camera right now!!!
I had some great pictures of Loganfest, of Austin wearing the t-shirt I designed for Loganfest, Ethan at Loganfest and Ethan in a fire truck. Etc, etc. But, my stupid camera decided to corrupt all of the files. I feel like crying. Actually I did cry, but I'm done now. The one picture from Saturday that was saved (sort of) was this one.


Friday, October 15, 2004
  "Is a Hippopotamus the name of an animal or it just a really cool opotamus." – Mitch Hedberg
That is just my random quote for the day. And now, here are my pictures from babysitting Ethan with my mom yesterday.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004
  Customer "No Service" as Clark Howard might say
You know, most people don't really like their jobs. Even people who love their jobs occassionally have bad days, but really if you can't even make a decent attempt to perform your job, you should not be allowed to keep that job.

I am not going to mention the name of the store, but I have to tell you about one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. I went shopping with Rebecca and my mom so Becca could get some maternity clothes (Austin went with us, but he was in another store while we were in the clothes store).

First of all, the store we went into was very messy. We went around gathering clothes for Rebecca to try on and towards the back there were three big huge boxes right in the aisles. Becca tripped over one and nearly fell down. The sales clerk (who we'll just call Bertha, for this story) was in earshot, but chose to ignore her when she vocalized her discontent with the situation.

Then, Becca went into the dressing room to try on clothes. Keep in mind that the dressing room was cluttered and crowded with clothes that hadn't been put up. At that point, Bertha came up to me and my mother and said, "can I help y'all find anything." My mom said, "Umm. No, I think we've got it now."

Rebecca needed a different size for some pants and Bertha was right next to me and offered no help in finding the correct pants and size.

Next came the phone call. The very loud screaming at her son phone call that must have gone on for 10 minutes before she slammed the phone down to hang up on him. She wasn't cursing, but everyone in the store could tell that she was not happy with her son.

The real kicker came when we went to the cash register to make our purchases. Bertha was ringing up the clothes while my mom and I stood in front of the counter. Rebecca (being pregnant and all) was sitting on a small seat beside the dressing room. Bertha shouted back to her, "did you leave any clothes in that dressing room?"
Becca answered, "Yeah."
"Well, could you bring them out here?"
Becca laughed incredulously and said, "I guess. They're kind of heavy."
Bertha chuckled at her and said, "she said they're kind of heavy." (I don't think it says in the training handbook to laugh at your customers when they get mad at you because you ask them to do your job for you!)
Becca was mad. She stomped into the dressing room, grabbed the clothes and handed them to me to hang up on the return rack. She told Bertha that she left the clothes that were in there when she went into the dressing room.

Anyway, we wished that Austin or Amanda had been with us to let Bertha have it.

Excuse us, Bertha, for interrupting your personal life to make you do your job!!! Everyone complains about people being out of work; I know of a job that should be available any day now!

Monday, October 11, 2004
  Ashley and Matt's cute new Chihuahua puppy, Poe!

Just kidding, these are actually the pictures of him. He's really cute!


Sunday, October 10, 2004
  My Sweeties!


  New Funny Search Query Entries
I hope this doesn't bore people. I just think it is so funny how people run across my website. (by the way, my experiment a few weeks ago didn't work).

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  Let me just tell you how disappointing the game was yesterday...
It was such a horrible game. Between the Bulldogs making mistakes left and right and the refs making bad calls and Tennessee playing their hearts out, the game was just the let down of the season. Our chances at the National Championship as well as even the SEC title, are gone. The one thing that will make the season worthwhile is if we beat Florida. If we beat Florida, I don't even care about all of the other stuff. Anyway, it is probably karma for us beating them so decisively last year. If you are a Georgia fan, check out the pictures posted from last year's Georgia/Tennessee game to make you feel better. My October archives from 2003 take a while to load, but the GA/Tennessee photos on October 13th are worth the wait.

Friday, October 08, 2004
  Congratulations and Condolences
Congratulations to Shanna. She is happy and healthy - cancer free!

Condolences to Rick and Trudy and their family. Rick's mother passed away.

Thursday, October 07, 2004
  I am my mother
I noticed it today when I was taking Holly outside to go to the bathroom. I starting singing this song in a really high squeaky voice about "going to the potty." I don't even know where it came from. Maybe I've been working by myself too much this week.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
  Ashley sent this and I had to pass it on...


  Holly Dog and the destruction of her toys
Holly doesn't just play with her toys. She completely destroys them. Her favorite toy is a squeaky multi-colored crab toy. She did chew some of the pieces off, but so far (knock on wood) she hasn't destroyed it yet. The giraffe in the background of the last two pictures is a completely different story. The white stuff all over the floor is stuffing from its head. Since these pictures it has nearly been beheaded and it is looking rather flat.


Monday, October 04, 2004
  The Dawgs and Mama Polly
Well, the bulldogs won! 45 to 16! It was the most fun I've had watching football all season. What a game! Anyway, next week Tennessee...

We went to visit Austin's grandmother yesterday. We went to Canon, Georgia to celebrate her 90th Birthday! Here are some pictures from the occassion.


Friday, October 01, 2004
  "If you do laundry, I want to warn you that there is a piece of hard candy in the pocket of my maroon shorts."
This is what my husband tells me before he leaves for a law conference in Macon for two days.

  Wow, what a week!??!!
I'm tired. It has been a very long, busy, hectic week. I've still got a ton of work to do, but at least the week is almost over. And I'm going to try to not work the entire weekend. I would like to spend some time with my husband. Anyway, here are some random pictures for you all.

First, my uncle, Tom's tribute to the Georgia Bulldogs in his grass. Go Dawgs! We're going to need some luck tomorrow!

Here is Captain Hook. That's who Ethan is going to be for Halloween. I took a break from work for a couple of hours Wednesday night and went to go see them. There is just nothing cuter than coming over to their house and have Ethan come up to the door saying "hi, B" and laughing and smiling like crazy when he sees me. He drew me a picture for my birthday. I'll scan it in sometime.

Here are the flowers Becca, Jake, Ethan, my mom and dad got me for my birthday. First are the flowers that were not right and second are the new flowers that Rebecca insisted upon. They really kept me cheery while I was working hard. Thanks, y'all.

And here are some aftermath pictures from my uncle David's and aunt Michelle's house (in Atlanta, by the way). I'm not sure if this was Ivan or Jeanne.



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