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Sunday, September 30, 2007
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Friday, September 28, 2007
  Friday Poll 9_28_07 Age
Two questions:

1. What makes you feel old?
2. What makes you feel young?

Thursday, September 27, 2007
  Thirty years ago today...
Thanks for the birthday presents, wishes, cards, flowers, emails, comments, and myspace messages! I have such great friends and family!

  My Birthday Present
Austin got me a flash for my camera. It is awesome. I didn't realize that my pictures were so crappy before! Anyway, here are some comparisons...

Old, built-in flash:

New, awesome flash:

Old, built-in flash:

New, awesome flash:

And, some other photos I took with my new present...


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


  Owen and Daddy


  Beth's Baby Shower


Monday, September 24, 2007
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(And yes, I know I need to clean out our pantry)


Sunday, September 23, 2007
  Sorry, Matt.

Friday, September 21, 2007
  I'm such a TV dork
I just rewatched the season finale of The Office. I can't wait until the new one next week! I get new TV shows for my birthday - yay! I'm so excited. And, since Austin will probably be playing Halo 3 for the next month or so, I'll be able to watch Grey's Anatomy and some other shows that he refuses to watch.

Thursday, September 20, 2007
  Friday Poll 9_21_07 Birthday presents
If your birthday was coming up, what would you want?

  My Commentary on Children's Television
(please excuse the spelling)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - I love Disney stuff, but I don't get Daisy Duck. Why is she such a big character? Didn't Goofy used to have some kind of girlfriend? Why isn't she on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? I guess they included Daisy to add balance, but she is the most annoying character on the show. Her and her stupid dance, and her stupid balloons.

Backyardagins - I mean, couldn't they sing just a little bit better?

Sesame Street - Since when did Snufalufagus become visible to everyone else besides just Big Bird? He isn't really that interesting now that everyone can see him.

Thomas and Friends - I think it is funny how expressionless all of the people are. The narrator will say something like, "the children were all very happy," and they will show the children with these really blank looks on their faces. And the people are really stupid. One episode had one of the trains not following directions. He dropped chickens off at the school and children off at the farm or something like that. Austin said, "you would think the children, or the people unloading the trains would notice that he wasn't dropping off the right stuff." But, I guess it doesn't really have to make sense.

I know, I should get out more.

  Dangerous Game
Right now Owen is pulling all of my credit cards out of my wallet and playing with them. I know that at least one of them probably won't make it back into my wallet, but it is just keeping him SOOOO busy! Note to self: when I am panicking because I can't find my debit (or any other) card, look in and around the couch.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
  How do people have dogs and children in places like New York City?
I HATE that we don't have a fenced-in backyard. When I was growing up, we always had dogs, but we could always just let them out into the backyard whenever they had to go out. Now that Owen is walking, he loves being outside and every time I take Holly out he absolutely FREAKS OUT if I don't take him with me. Sometimes, I carry him in the sling, but he is getting a little wiggly for that unless he is in a clingy mood and wants to be carried. The easiest thing (which still isn't super easy), is to load him up in his stroller, put Holly on her leash, and just go for a walk. But, still Owen would rather be walking and as soon as I get him out of the stroller, he cries to go back outside to walk around.

Then, there is the option to let Owen walk around outside while I've got Holly on the leash. I usually do this a couple of times a day now. First of all, I have to use our short leather leash on Holly to make this feasible. With the retractable leash, she will dart after cats, pull on the leash, and usually run a circle around Owen, knocking him onto the pavement. Luckily, he's pretty tough, but I learned after doing this two times with the same results that it wasn't going to work. So, with the shorter leash, Holly is much more manageable, but Owen is still not too easy to keep next to me. I stay very close, usually dragging Holly along reluctantly, but let Owen do some exploring. Everything is fine until we have to go back home. Owen would stay outside for hours and hours if I let him, so when it is time to go back to the house, I always have to pick him up and carry him (most of the time wiggling and crying).

Today, one of our neighbors gave us a balloon while we were out. It was great until Owen dropped it and I went chasing after it, Holly's leash wrapped around my wrist and carrying Owen around the waist with my other arm. Every time I got close to the balloon and bent over to pick it up, it would fly further away from me, which Owen thought was hilarious! So, I chased the darn thing all the way down the street and into a neighbor's backyard. Owen was laughing hysterically the whole time. So, tomorrow I think I'll use the stroller to take Holly out and if Owen is going to walk, I'll leave Holly in. It would be nice to have a child (and dog) -friendly backyard.

Monday, September 17, 2007
Look at my new comment thingy! It is over on the right (or at the bottom of this page if your window isn't big enough to fit it on the right) and it keeps track of the most recent comments people have made.

Friday, September 14, 2007
  Friday Poll 9_14_07 Three Words
Using ONLY three words OR LESS, what would you like to say to the world?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
  So, the game sucked, but at least I had time to take pictures


  Mr. Cool


Tuesday, September 11, 2007
  The Old Neighborhood, A New Generation


  Recent Photos 9_5_07


  Leftover 18 Month Photos


Friday, September 07, 2007
  Friday Poll 9_7_07 Songs to sing
What is your favorite song to sing out loud when you're alone in the car?

  To Owen... (18 Months Old)

You have been very funny this month. I guess one of the silliest things you've been doing is acting like you are on the phone. But, you don't just hold phones up to your ear - you have used a variety of objects (remote controls, pens, toy cars, grapes, bananas, blocks, etc.) as phones. Most of the time you hold the thing up to your ear and say, "hi." Then you hand the "phone" to me or whoever else is around.

You are really enjoying being able to walk. You are getting so fast! You often walk in circles around the coffee table and through the kitchen and back again.

You have started to sort objects. I first noticed this behavior when I saw you collect all of the tennis balls out of Holly's toys and put them in a group away from the rest of her toys.

You have started to help me with the dishes. When I am unloading the dishwasher I ask you to hand me the silverware and the dishes. You take one after the other and hand them to me saying, "thank you." I have to hurry to put them away because you pull them out so fast. Then, when I am loading the dishwasher, I hand you the silverware, piece by piece and you drop the utensils into the basket.

You are saying "uh-oh" a lot and it is really funny how you say it. You sort of grunt it out. It sounds more like, "uh-uh," but it sometimes sounds like you are coughing or about to be sick or something. It is cute though.

You have become very insistent about turning on ceiling fans. When a fan is off, you point up at it and then walk over to the light switch and point at it saying, "that, that..." until we turn the fan on.

You have started "giving five" to people recently and the other day in the grocery store, you "gave five" to me and the cashier, but you just shook your head "no" when the lady bagging our groceries asked you to give her five. You are such a strange little guy.

You used to wear hats all the time when you were really little, but for months until the last few days you have refused to wear any kind of hat. Last week, your daddy put his hat on your head. He put it on the right way and it slid down over your eyes. You took off running and ran straight into the kitchen cabinets before I caught up with you. I turned it around backwards and you walked around for like a half hour with the hat on.

Most of the time you are such a happy boy. Almost any time you hear any kind of music, you start dancing. Your little shoulders bounce up and down and the top half of your body moves from side to side. The other night you even took your leg and started shaking it. Your daddy said that the funniest dance he ever saw you do was when you were dancing to the music from the commercial for "Medieval Times."

Your daddy and I love you so much. We never know what you are going to do next, but we do know that it will usually be funny. And nothing feels quite as good as a hug or a snuggle from you.

Love, Mama

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
  Labor Day


  I finished the Harry Potter books on Saturday.
I really wanted to finish them fast so I could find out what happened, but now I think I'm having withdrawl. I haven't enjoyed reading like that in a really long time.


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