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Friday, July 29, 2005
  My Dad's Hitchhiker
I got this email and photo from my dad the other day...

This huge grasshopper jumped onto my window while I was at the light at Indian Trail & I-85. It held on for the entire 70-80 mph trip all the way to Roswell, about 20+ miles. When I got there I went ahead and looked at the house I was appraising and when I came back out, he'd crawled over to the driver's window. I just pushed him off into the grass beside the driveway, and he hopped off.


Thursday, July 28, 2005
  John Cusack... what were you thinking?
Must Love Dogs looks sooooooo horrible!!!!! There was a VH1 preview and at the end, the voiceover guy actually said, "this motion picture has been rated P for Puppy Love." (insert gagging noise here!!!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
  How in the world did I get on the mailing list for the "State Line Tack" catalog?
I don't ride horses. I've never actually been on a horse.

And, why does Holly keep licking my empty CD cases? Weirdo.

  Blurry vision.
I lost my glasses. I wear contacts so I guess it isn't too big of a deal, but I really can't figure out where they went. My glasses are only ever in 2 places - next to the bed or in the bathroom. At night, I take out my contacts, put on my glasses. Once I'm in bed, I take them off and put them on the bedside table. In the morning, I put them on, walk into the bathroom, take them off and put on my contacts. They just can't be anywhere else. Last night I took out my contacts and started fumbling around all of my stuff in the bathroom, since I couldn't see and I couldn't find them. I whined until Austin came in to help me, but he couldn't find them either. Anyway, I never remember how blind I am until I don't have on my glasses or my contacts. But, I really can't see. Everything just blurs into everything else. I can't even see the expression on Austin's face when he is just a couple of feet away. It is awful.

Is it true that you can't wear contacts when you are in labor if you are under anesthesia?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  Rough morning
Okay, I've mentioned the nausea, but I think it's getting worse. This morning was really bad. I tried eating saltines and drinking some cold water while trying to accomplish my morning chores, but taking out the trash pushed me over the edge. As Austin was pulling out of the garage he saw me gagging and dry heaving, while trying to get the garbage bags into the trash can. And, soon after, up came the saltines and cold water. But, it did make me feel better. I have since gotten down a bagel with cream cheese and some more water, but I am still not feeling so great. And, going outside to take Holly out in heat that I can only compare to putting your entire body into a dryer that has been running for about a half hour or so does not help!

Monday, July 25, 2005
Here is Jason Crosby's new blog. He is one of my colleagues from design school and one of the most talented new illustrators in the business.

Sunday, July 24, 2005
  My Grandfather turned 85 yesterday!
Don and Alice were gracious enough to have the whole family over for a cookout.


Friday, July 22, 2005
  Our trip to Zoo Atlanta
When we asked Ethan what his favorite thing was at the zoo, he said he liked, "the stinky room with the hay." He was talking about the empty room we walked through briefly where they do shows with the elephants, but there weren't any elephants, just a smell that made me gag!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  Pregnancy Journal - Month 2
Physical: Well, the nausea didn't hit until about a week ago. So far, I haven't been throwing up, but I am in sort of a constant state of sea-sickness. I have had a headache for about 3 days now. One of my biggest concerns before getting pregnant was that my normally monthly migraines would increase and I wouldn't be able to take any medicine. I don't know that what I have is actually a migraine, but it is a pretty annoying headache. But there is always a chance that this will only happen this trimester. We'll see, I guess.

Food: Since, the thought of most food (especially sweets) makes me want to throw up, I am trying to eat just about anything I can actually stomach. And I am really working on getting my daily calcium and folic acid. I know I'm getting iron, because I am eating as much meat as I can get my hands on. Of course the things I'm craving are Zaxby's Kickin' Chicken sandwhiches, fried okra, Taco Bell, hibachi grill food (salad with ginger dressing, onion soup, veggies, etc.), spring rolls with hot mustard, and last night I had this insanely intense craving for thick steak or roast beef with spicy dijon mustard. I even wanted ketchup a couple of weeks ago (yuck, I hate ketchup!). Of course that craving went away, but a couple of days ago I wanted a hamburger from McDonald's with mustard and pickles only. When it came smothered in ketchup and no pickles or mustard, I burst into tears and threw it away and ended up eating chicken soup.

Emotional: Okay, so maybe I'm a little emotional right now. And just a tip for anyone who doesn't like to cry, don't watch The Notebook while you're pregnant. I read the book in college and sobbed through the whole last half of it. So, I decided to watch the movie the other night while Austin was at Joe's playing video games. I cried even harder (if that is possible). Austin kept asking me to tell him parts of the story, but every time I attempted, I just broke down, crying even more. But, it was really good!

Holly: Holly can't seem to get enough of me. I don't know if she can tell I'm pregnant or not but she just keeps clinging to me. She especially likes to curl up next to or on my belly.

Other Thoughts: I am excited, but nervous. I guess every expecting mother obsesses a little about having a happy, healthy, cute baby. I am certainly no exception. But, I'm trying not to stress too much. The doctor called at the end of the day yesterday and said all of my results so far were normal, including the ultrasound, so that's reassuring. And they said my blood type is A positive. Austin's is O negative (which I think might be kind of rare). Does anyone know anything about genetics to tell me anything that can be concluded about our blood types?

  From Rebecca...
Ethan yelled at a mosquito last night.  He said, "No, no, no mosquito.  We're people, not bug food".  It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  This Praying Mantis was just hanging out on our siding today during a thunderstorm.


  Okay, here are the first baby photos from the ultrasound earlier today.
The baby is 9mm long and they think I'm only about 7 weeks along (I was estimating 10 or 11 - oh, well). Anyway, so the due date as of right now is March 7th, 2006. By the way, the baby is the little blobby thing in the black area. Austin says it looks like a peanut.


Monday, July 18, 2005
  Happy Birthday, Daddy!
My Dad's birthday is today. We actually celebrated it the weekend before this past weekend. We went and ate Mexican food and went swimming at Austin's parents' pool. It was fun. It has been hard to find days where we can swim, since it has been raining most of the summer. Also, the rain has made it hard to get the house painting started. Hopefully, they can at least get some of it done in the next couple of days. But, anyway, I just wanted to say happy birthday again to my dad!

Friday, July 15, 2005
  I missed my 2 year blog anniversary!
I created "Fried Okra" on July 3rd, 2003. Since then there have been 542,571 (last year it was 97,487) successful requests for pages on my website. On average about there are about 759 requests per day. So far, more people have looked at this site in 2005 than in 2003 or 2004. My busiest month, for some reason, was February 2005 (5,137 requests). And the busiest week was the week of February 13, 2005 (1,735 requests for pages). I know that not many people care about these stats, but I like to look back at them out of curiosity.

Thursday, July 14, 2005
  Another reason I love my husband...
He may have made fun of the paper clothing I had to wear when we were at the OB/GYN earlier in the week, but not many men are secure enough in their masculinity to allow their wife to paint the bathroom a color called "fairy dust."

  That same old radio song...
Atlanta radio totally sucks. Where has the variety gone? I used to have some different stations to choose from. There was the alternative rock station, the classic rock station, the classic/new rock station, and the oldies station. We even had an 80s station for like a week. The alternative rock station has now become new rock and 90s alternative, which is actually a change for the better. The oldies channel became rap. Then another oldies channel popped up, but now that is a Spanish radio station. So, there is no oldies channel. Classic rock became Dave FM, which plays good songs every once in a while, but it is kind of a generic mesh of old and new hits, which is pretty much what the classic/new rock station already was. So 3 channels play almost the same mix of music (except one doesn't play anything earlier than 80s and 90s). Oh, well, at least I have my iPod.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  Well, I guess I'd better go ahead and say it...
I'm pregnant.

Monday, July 11, 2005
  Wyatt's Baptism


Friday, July 08, 2005
  Congrats, Matt and Lauren Gross!!!
Do you guys want to share the news?

Thursday, July 07, 2005
  I think I'm getting a cold.
Yuck! And Holly is feeling bad too. She is at the vet right now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  IKEA Atlanta!!!
We went to the new IKEA in Atlanta on Saturday with Ashley and Matt. Even these pictures can't illustrate how crowded it was. And the drawback to inexpensive stuff is that you buy too much of it. It was a challenge to get everything to fit in the car. Ashley and Matt had to ride back to Roswell with a chair on top of them (we couldn't fit it without taking it out of the box!). I could barely hear Ashley since her voice was so muffled. And, somehow, in transit we lost the cushion that goes on the back of the chair. Hopefully they can get IKEA to send them a replacement.


Becca brought the nephews over to swim in Austin's parents' pool Friday. Here are the photos:


  Oh, say can you see?
Last night was like a war zone in our neighborhood. Besides the scattered thunder and lightning, certain types of fireworks are now legal in the state of Georgia, so there were mini fireworks displays going on throughout our neighborhood. Austin and I were watching the displays in Washington D.C. and Boston on television, but we kept hearing explosions outside and over our house and seeing flashes of colored lights in all of the windows. Anyway, it was kind of crazy!

Friday, July 01, 2005
And that's all I have to say for today!


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