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Thursday, June 30, 2005
  We saw a preview for a movie called Elizabethtown yesterday.
It reminded me that during our trip to Indianapolis, we passed places that had all of the parts of our names. Elizabethtown was in Kentucky. We also passed Fort Campbell, Jonesboro (or something like that), Austin, and Owensboro. I wanted Austin to go stand next to the sign that said Austin because it had an arrow pointing to the right. I thought that would have been great for him to stand with the arrow pointing at him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
  I know. It isn't July yet.
But, I wanted to go ahead and change my banner, because I'm not sure I'll have time to on Friday.

  Holly, you cannot sit on my lap while I work if you are going to lick your butt.
That is just too much multi-tasking for me to deal with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  NEW BED!! And Holly, the bloggie doggie


Monday, June 27, 2005
  I just saw a commercial with a girl from my high school, Courtney Fendley
She was in a Diet Pepsi commercial for just a split second. It's the one where they are playing Stayin' Alive and this guy is walking down the street carrying a Diet Pepsi. All of the women he passes are swooning over him. Courtney is the blonde in a suit. Funny. She was also in "October Sky," a movie that came out a while back and I saw her in a Dove face was commercial about 2 or 3 years ago.

  I shouldn't have even watched The Next Food Network Star marathon last night.
I wanted Hans from Jasper, Georgia, or Susannah, the graphic designer that lost 89 pounds to win. I did like Dan & Steve though (they were the ones that won).

Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Not thrilled about the haircut...
(Becca sent me these):


  My phone conversation with a "certain long distance phone company" the 5TH TIME they called in 3 DAYS!!!!!

Me: Hello... hello.
Phone Guy: Hello is Austin Jones there?
Me: No, he's not. Is this [phone company name]?
Phone Guy: Yes it is.
Me: Why do you guys KEEP CALLING??!!!
Phone Guy: We just want you to take advantage of these great offers.
Me: We don't make long distance calls.
Phone Guy: You don't make any long distance calls, ever?
Me: Seriously, we make like one long distance call every 4 months!
Phone Guy: Oh, okay... well, do you have internet in your house?
Me: Yes! We have a DSL connection, through y'all!!
Phone Guy: Well, let me do what I can to get everybody to stop calling you.
Me: Yes. Please! This is the 5th call in three days!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  Do this quiz...
I just did this quiz and the results said my style was "sweet." I would like to think I was more modern, but I know I'm not. What is everyone else?

By the way, it said the styles I like are English Country, Romantic, Tuscan and Cottage. Hmm.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
  So, why would the thread count of a mattress pad matter?
We have all of our bedding ready to go. And the bed is being delivered on Saturday. Yay, I can't wait!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2005
I got my new camera and here are some pictures that I took while trying out some of the different settings. I thought the mushrooms looked kind of like pancakes. And the flowers are all eaten up by bugs, but I still think they looked kind of cool in the photo. Anyway, I think the new camera is going to be fun! (by the way, I ended up getting the Canon Digital Rebel)


Saturday, June 18, 2005
  Football 101
My mom and I went to Athens yesterday (Friday) for a women's football camp thing. We met some coaches and players and got to see the weight room/locker room facilities, practice fields, Sanford Stadium and some other cool things. We had a blast. Here are the photos...


  Back when I was skinny...
This picture was taken in 1999. So I was a junior in college and Becca was a senior in high school. She was already at Berry College, but she went back to go to prom at Parkview. This is one of my mom's favorite photos because it shows our personalities. And, we really look alike in this photo!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Well, it's summer!
Actually summer doesn't officially start until Tuesday, the 21st, but it sure feels like summer. I nearly burned the skin off my hands trying to touch my black, leather steeing wheel today when I left the house at 3:00 to drive over to Stone Mountain. I don't know how acurate the digital thermometer in my car is, but it actually got up to 102 degrees on my way home. And it is also VERY humid! My hair is out of control. It is like a giant kinky frizz ball. It sucks! But, I actually don't mind the weather, although, I'm not planning on running a marathon outside or anything.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  How do you throw away a trash can?

  Why is it that
trucks and cars with Nascar stickers are the slowest ones on the road?

Monday, June 13, 2005
  A dog and a flower


  God is Green
Ethan is so funny. My mom was watching him on Friday night when Becca and Jake were in the hospital for Wyatt's sleep study (see previous post). Austin and I went over to see them. One of the funniest things he said was when my mom asked him about the painting that is framed on Becca and Jake's wall. She asked who painted it. He didn't really answer so she said, "my mother, your great-grandmother. Do you know where she is?" Ethan said that she was in heaven... up in the sky... and she could fly. Then he said she was with God and that he saw God and He is green. We asked him when he saw God and he said something about how he got in trouble and daddy was behind the chair and he was about to go to heaven and then he said "I need my juice." Austin, my mom and I had no idea what to say and it was all we could do to not laugh. We tried to find out more about what he was talking about, but he was too distracted by his juice by that point.

Another thing my mom asked him was, "what was in your carport this morning?" Ethan said, "a big, dead rat." It turns out that it was actually a bunny rabbit that Jinx, their cat, killed. Becca didn't want him to think that Jinx killed little bunny rabbits, so she told him that it was a rat and didn't point out that Jinx might have done the killing.

Also, at one point Ethan said, very seriously, "Austin, B, I need to talk to you about something..." then he started saying something about how his parents painted a wall a different color yellow or something. We never could figure out exactly what he was talking about.

I talked to Rebecca last night and was telling her some of these stories and she said that the other day she had on Ellen and the Black Eyed Peas were performing. She said that all of a sudden Ethan looked up and started staring at Fergie. He said, "I like her. She's nice." Becca said her jaw just dropped. She told Jake and he said, "That's my boy!"

  Wyatt Update from my mom
Rebecca and Jake spent the night at Egleston with Wyatt Friday night for his second "Sleep Study."  He quit breathing between 9 and 12 times an hour, so he stays on the oxygen and heart monitor.  We were hoping for better results, but at least he's not worse and actually, we can say he's a little better because they have not increased his medicines or his oxygen and he's grown from 9 lbs 2 oz to 15 lbs.  Dr. Freed, the SIDS specialist, says that he probably has not developed any brain damage because babies that do, usually quit growing and he is growing like a weed.

I asked Rebecca how he compares to other babies who have been through this and she said he said "He has nothing to compare him to.  He's an exception to all rules."  Becca did nothing wrong during her pregnancy,  Wyatt was full term..... They have questioned and questioned her and there's no reason for him to have this "Periodic Breathing".  He goes for another Sleep Study in August.  It'll be tough keeping the tubes taped to his face.  He can pull them off now and we're worried about how to keep the oxygen in when he's holding his head up, rolling over, sitting up.  Oh well, we'll just take it a day at a time.

Thursday, June 09, 2005
  Music Midtown
Music Midtown is a 3 day concert/festival that has been going on in Atlanta for 11 YEARS!! This weekend is the 12th year and I have officially decided that I AM TOO OLD! It is hard to believe it has been going on for so long. My first Music Midtown was in 1996, the year I graduated and the last one I went to was in 2002 I think (although I might have missed one or two in there). The first year, I remember going with a group of friends. We stayed at the 99x stage for about 12 hours straight that Saturday. We saw Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and I think Live. I say I think, because the later the day went on, the blurrier the events of the day became. Anyway, over the years, I probably went to 6 or 7 Music Midtowns. At these festivals I have seen Santana, Cake, the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Counting Crows, No Doubt, Bob Dylan, Kool & the Gang, and I honestly can't even remember the rest, but I saw a lot of bands there.

Anyway, Music Midtown was moved to June this year to avoid the rain, but my God, the heat is going to be unbearable. It was close to unbearable when I was 9 years younger and about 70 pounds lighter. But, if I thought I could stand it, I would definately go this year. The lineup is awesome. Some of the bands that will be there this year include Devo, the White Stripes, Louis XIV, the Killers, Blackeyed Peas, Counting Crows (although I may have actually seen them enough already), Lou Reed, the Pixies, Joan Jett, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. It is so tempting! But, I have most of their CDs on my ipod and I can listen to them in the comfort of air conditioning. And, if I need to use the restroom, I don't have to stand in line at a port-a-potty.

  It is great to have a dog because,
while I was crying my eyes out watching Finding Neverland last night, she was licking the tears off my face. It's like having a teddy bear that licks.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  Busy, busy, busy
No time to blog. Anyone have anything interesting to share?

Monday, June 06, 2005
  Sweet Dreams!
We bought a new bed! Of course we won't get it until the end of the month almost, but it is very exciting. Here it is:

(we also bought the bench and the big chest with the mirror on the right side of the photo)

Friday, June 03, 2005
  Lioness with her Cubs


  Ethan and Wyatt
I got to see my nephews last night. Wyatt is getting cuter every day. It doesn’t take much now to get him to smile. You just smile at him and say “hey” and his little lips curl up and he makes sweet little noises and smiles. It is so cute.

And, of course, Ethan is just as adorable and sweet as ever. We decided to go to get ice cream. Before we left, we were talking about what we might get. I said, “I’ll probably get sherbert.” Becca exclaimed, “Sherbert!” Ethan laughed and said, “You called Nanny Bert!”

My mom stayed with Wyatt and we started getting ready to go. I say “started” because it took quite a while to get going. My mom mentioned that it was cool outside, so Becca got a little jacket to put on Ethan. Then, she said, “here are your shoes. We’re not going far, so let’s just put them on without socks. We’re not even getting out of the car.” But, Ethan insisted that he wear socks. So, once we put his socks on, we went out to the car. Ethan was settled in his seat, and we were about to leave when we realized that my mom’s car was behind Becca’s car. So we moved it, got in the car and headed out. We got to the end of the street and Ethan said, “I need to go to the potty.” So, we turned around and went back to the house. Ethan went to the potty. When he was done, we started to leave again. The child lock had come off of a video cabinet in the living room. Ethan ran over and said, “we have to put this back on.” Becca went and helped him and then said, “okay, can we go now?” We finally made it out to go get ice cream.

Ethan got blue ice cream (it was actually called ice pop or blue ice or something, but it looked just like blue ice cream - we were amazed that they had that!). He took forever eating it so it started to melt, of course. Then he got irritated because it was melting all over the place. Becca gave me the cherry off of her sundae and I put it on his blue ice cream. Of course, some white whipped cream got on his blue ice cream so he wanted that off. Then he wanted the whipped cream off of the cherry too. Then he wanted to eat his ice cream on the ice cream cone, but he didn’t want it to melt on him. So, my mom got a clear cup and stood the ice cream cone up in it and gave him a spoon. Becca and I were amazed. Neither of us were creative enough to think of such a great solution to Ethan’s dilema.

Thursday, June 02, 2005
  Pack Rats
A few weeks ago, Austin got a call from another local lawyer who had a collection of Star Wars stuff that he was trying to get rid of. He had seen Austin in the paper and thought he might be interested in buying some of his loot. I do believe that Austin may have met his match as far as collecting goes. This guy had Star Wars stuff, comics, Warner Brothers stuff, sports figures, lunch boxes, G.I. Joe stuff, etc, etc... Anyway, he, like Austin may have kept almost every toy he ever had. And it was all still in his grandmother's basement.

This past weekend we went over to Austin's parents house for a little bit because they were cleaning out their garage. Austin put some of his old toys and things in plastic boxes so they would be easier to store. It made me think of all of my own stuff in my parents' basement. I know I need to go over there and help them sort through it all. It is so hard to decide what to save. There is so much that is so sentimental, but you just can't save everything.

My parents had a garage sale a few weeks ago to sell off a lot of the things my grandparents had collected over the years. With my grandmother being gone, and my grandfather now in an assisted living home, the garage sale was the end of a long process of emptying and selling their house and their things. Of course, we all kept as much as we could, but as Austin's dad said, storage space is not infinite. It is finite. And everyone must make choices about the things they have and what is really important.

I don't know what it is in human nature that makes us want to horde things. Coming from a long line of pack rats and shopaholics, I definately understand that urge to accumulate stuff. And I know that the people in one's life are much more important than any things we might have. But, there is a fine line between logic and impulse. Unfortunately, Austin and I both tend to jump over the line to impulse more often than we should. We have a lot more junk that most people our age. I know the answer is to buy less and get rid of more, but it is difficult. It is definately something we need to work on, and something that we need to try to teach our kids (when we have them).

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  I need to...
Okay I need to do a lot of things, but one of the things I meant to have done today was to change my banner, since the one up there now says, "May." Oh well, maybe I can get to it next week.

  Rain, rain, go away!
I have been buried in work lately. It started raining on Memorial Day (it never rains on Memorial Day!) and continued through today. Sometimes it is kind of cozy to stay in while the rain is coming down outside. But, I hate to take Holly out in the rain. She hates to go out in the rain just as much. It is times like these that I really wish we had a fenced in yard.

And driving in the rain sucks. I had to drive out to a printer I use three times yesterday. It is a half hour drive from here, near Stone Mountain. Austin, drove me the last time, which was much better than the two times when I had to rush out there myself (Jake don't pay attention to that). Anyway, today I don't have any appointments or anything so I think I can actually get some work accomplished today.


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